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Welcome to Snefnug Studio! For all of you non-Scandinavians out there, "Snefnug" means "Snowflake" in Danish. My husband is a true Dane and when we got married, I wanted to include him in my artistic endeavors, so I asked him for Danish words for all kinds of things (Butterfly, Rainbow - you get the "drift). I finally asked him what was Danish for snowflake and he said, "Snefnug". I liked it. So now all of you know a little bit of Danish too! Have fun going through the site. As you can see, I paint alot of different subjects, and they are all transparent watercolor, so have fun browsing and above all, enjoy yourselves at Snefnug Studio.
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It’s been awhile…..

I know I know – just don’t know where the time goes and all of a sudden you are in DECEMBER and you haven’t updated your Blog page in FOREVER…..good grief!  SO – here are some up dates for you (at least the ones I can remember).

I took a watercolor workshop this year with the Idaho Watercolor Society’s juror, Pat Weaver, for a week.  What an amazing woman with just an absolute and total knowledge of color – all of us in the class were awestruck by some of her demonstrations.  I really liked her – she was salty and spicey and very funny “off duty” but once she got behind the demo table she was all business.  She also juried my painting “Miz Bourbon Retires” into the Idaho Watercolor Society’s annual exhibition.  While I didn’t win anything, I did have the satisfaction of knowing that that painting was one of three that the Governor’s wife really liked and was in contention for the Govorner’s Award.

One of the things that took up a huge amount of time, was that my dear friend Tallulah and I learned how to “can” i.e. preserve fruits and veggies.  This year thanks to Ole, we had a raised vegetable bed and were the beneficiaries of an inordinate amount of tomatoes and peppers (amongst other things).  So basically whatever we could find that was “cannable”, we canned.  As a result we each have basements full of a huge assortment of goodies all ready to eat this winter.

I am attempting to finish a large floral painting before Christmas – it is probably one of the busiest ones I’ve ever done but it is just full of poppies and some other flowers and lots and lots of bright colors….so with some luck I’ll get that baby tucked in and start on something else.

Thanks for being part of my journey!!!!

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