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Welcome to Snefnug Studio! For all of you non-Scandinavians out there, "Snefnug" means "Snowflake" in Danish. My husband is a true Dane and when we got married, I wanted to include him in my artistic endeavors, so I asked him for Danish words for all kinds of things (Butterfly, Rainbow - you get the "drift). I finally asked him what was Danish for snowflake and he said, "Snefnug". I liked it. So now all of you know a little bit of Danish too! Have fun going through the site. As you can see, I paint alot of different subjects, and they are all transparent watercolor, so have fun browsing and above all, enjoy yourselves at Snefnug Studio.
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It’s Been A Long Time….AND….

Hello everyone!  I am now back and in the mix of things!  We did indeed move to the French Riviera in the middle of last October and have been living in Vallauris (lies between Cannes and Antibes) in a lovely villa called La Corniche.  We have now added “Caretakers” to our resumes and actually most of the time this has been a really enjoyable experience.  We have begun French lessons with a lovely woman named Michelle that our good neighbor Maryse found for us.  Neither one of us is very good in the language although Ole took it for one year in high school and I took it for several months with a tutor many years ago.  However I have been able to get by with my now pretty proficient pidgin French and have been able to order GROUND PORK with the local Butcher!!!  And gee whiz – I actually got it!!!  I have now finished my first painting over here…a still life of Clementines in a bowl.  I haven’t done many still lifes so it was an interesting project.  Next on the list is to finish a painting of the village of Biot (known for their glass artists) and start something like Palm Trees????  For those of you who need to order cards or prints this will be somewhat difficult now as we had to shut down the Paypal account when we moved.  If you do want a print or some cards, you’ll have to email me and I can work out the details with you at that point.  I have a new email address – so please feel free to let me know what you would like from that address.  I will still however keep my website open and be adding more images as I finish paintings.  For those of you who are new to my site, I thank for visiting and for everyone else…as they say in French – Bon Journee!  (Good Day)

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  1. Rainbow Books says:

    Hi Kristin, Lindy and Laurie from Rainbow Books here.
    We were just looking at your Ostrich card today and thinking about how much we miss you and Ole back here in Boise!
    Hope things are wonderful for you in your new adventures and that you get many beautiful paintings out of them!

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