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Welcome to Snefnug Studio! For all of you non-Scandinavians out there, "Snefnug" means "Snowflake" in Danish. My husband is a true Dane and when we got married, I wanted to include him in my artistic endeavors, so I asked him for Danish words for all kinds of things (Butterfly, Rainbow - you get the "drift). I finally asked him what was Danish for snowflake and he said, "Snefnug". I liked it. So now all of you know a little bit of Danish too! Have fun going through the site. As you can see, I paint alot of different subjects, and they are all transparent watercolor, so have fun browsing and above all, enjoy yourselves at Snefnug Studio.
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Bad Kiki………

Bonjour!  It has been awhile since I posted anything….I guess being overwhelmed by living in France…OVERWHELMED me……SO – here is the latest.  I have learned a new watercolor technique.  It is called “Pouring” and is where you literally “pour” colors onto wet paper, let dry and then paint what you are going to paint.  The result of all of this is that you get a real glow from each painting that can be quite lovely and interesting.  So what has happened is that French friend Martine introduced me to the gallery owner of Art Expo in Cannes who flipped for my latest painting “Peony du Printemps” (Peony of Spring) and took “her” to his gallery to frame and hang up to gauge people’s interest.  The gallery is located at 25 Rue Docteur Calmette on a little side street in Cannes.  Now neither Martine nor I have heard from him so I have to assume that “Miss Peony” is still there.  At any rate, who would have guessed that one of my paintings would end up in a gallery in Cannes…… all is good and we see what happens next!!!  And I promise….I will let you know what does happen next. :)

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