Please feel free to browse through the different catagories and enjoy yourself. All of the images are available as 4x6 greeting cards which you can order from the Snefnug Studio store. Ordering details are on the store site. If you would like to commission me to paint a dog, please contact me directly. Have fun.
Kristin Ranney
4022 W. Golden Barrel Street
Eagle, Idaho 83616

These are all images of various landscapes I either look at daily or have visited.
Dogs and other Animals
These are currently all of my images of dogs, cats and other animals that have either been commissioned or just inspired.
Fruits and Vegetables
These are a "garden" variety of fruits and vegetables.
I love painting flowers and have tried to grow all of my subjects.
These are images of various children, some of them nieces and nephews or children of friends.
These images are a variety of patterns, designs or subjects that just didn't fit into any of the other categories.

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